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11 June

Bootcamper Job Hunting Tips Pt. IV: Musings from a Recent Bootcamp Graduate

You’ve had a whirlwind 12 months: you’ve gone from full-time, actively engaged teacher to Software Developer. If you could go back in time and tell yourself to do one thing to make your life easier during your time at Turing and the ensuing job hunt for that elusive first job, what would it be? I […]

4 June

New Spaces, New Ideas, New Connections: Decentralize Colorado May Roundup

Ground was broken and new spaces were tested last Monday night at the third iteration of the Decentralize Colorado blockchain community lightning talks. The community delivered an informative and entertaining array of new ideas at Grid Collaborative in Denver. We had the privilege of being their first-ever event at the venue; it’s truly one of […]

4 May

Colorado Blockchain Gold

Colorado Blockchain Gold

KJ Technical recently began sponsoring the Decentralize Colorado meetup, which is a platform-agnostic series of monthly lightning talks coming from members of the Front Range blockchain community. We’re hoping that this meetup will become an entertaining night to get people thinking about the far-reaching applications of blockchain technology and decentralization in general. Enjoy this writeup […]