Ten Reasons to Work in Denver’s Tech Scene

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  1. We’re #2! We’re #2!

According to Hired.com, Denver is the 2nd most-appealing city for software engineers, being edged out simply because companies in Austin are more willing to pay relocation packages. All that to say, there’s Austin transplants moving here every day, just saying…

  1. Our Economy is Rocking

Forbes ranked Denver as the best place in the US for businesses and careers, not to mention our unemployment rate currently hovers around 2.8%, which pits us at the top three in the nation.

  1. Life Is Really Good Here

The secret’s out: US News & World Report ranks Denver as the 2nd best place to live in the country.

  1. Youth Is Welcome

Come here to cut your teeth, youngin’! Nerdwallet ranks Denver as the 4th best city for young entrepreneurs. We’ve got amazing nightlife, there’s over 50,000 students in town, and we have plenty of talent being cranked out by well-respected boot camps such as Turing and Galvanize.

  1. Keep That Hard-Earned Money

It’s true that salaries are higher in other cities, but our cost of living won’t have you spending that paycheck before you receive it. Denver pays better than other hotbeds when you figure in cost of living.

  1. Startup Bonanza

We have a booming startup scene where you’ll find an inclusive atmosphere bent on collaboration. We don’t do pretense in Denver. There are over 700 startups in Downtown Denver, according to the Downtown Denver Partnership, and numerous accelerators like Boomtown and TechStars that actively cultivate local entrepreneurship.

  1. Stop Sitting in Traffic

Over 60% of Downtown Denver workers commute on bike, foot, or public transportation.

  1. We’re Happy! (Cue Pharrell)

WalletHub.com ranks Colorado as the 4th-happiest state. Perhaps it’s because we get enough Vitamin D with 300 days of sunshine.

  1. Great Beer at Meetups

Denver has over SEVENTY breweries (although the tally is kinda complicated), and that’s just within Denver city limits. Beer and pizza are tech meetup staples; rest assured that said beers are gonna be tasty! We’re also the home of the Super Bowl of Beer Festivals, the Great American Beer Festival.

  1. Work Hard, Play Harder

Denver has everything big city life affords, but if you want to just get away, drive an hour west and you’ve got 58 fourteeners to conquer, world-class slopes, hot springs, and even ice castles at your disposal. Rock up to the office on Monday refreshed from the great outdoors, wash, and repeat!


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