Takeaways from ETHDenver 2018

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  1. Denver’s blockchain community is pushing hard for the region to be a major player in the Web 3.0 paradigm shift. There is an electric “DIY” culture going, with people gladly taking nights and weekends to contribute in any way they can. The mantra is “buidl” rather than “hodl”; I personally heard zero talk about prices. The community push is innovation-focused, which is more exciting and sustainable.1/1987, JAN 19 1987, FEB 9 1992 Gart Brothers Sporting Goods Credit: The Denver Post John Prieto sportscastle 1987
  2. Denver is no longer a Cowtown. As someone who has grown up in the area, I’m proud of how far the local tech scene has come. We’re definitely on the radar of the Ethereum Project. Joseph Lubin made a personal appearance, with various Consensys projects having a strong presence in the Denver/Boulder area.28234923_166666503984417_6412152420708679204_o
  3. It’s abundantly clear that we’re (still) in the nascent stages of a technology paradigm shift that is poised to turn the status quo on its head. The enthusiasm is palpable and one can still sense that we’re in the wonky beginnings of the maturation process. With that being said, The Sports Castle, with its nooks and crannies, layers of carpet and leftovers from years gone by serves as the perfect venue. Rumor has it that talks are being held to establish a permanent relationship between the local blockchain community and The Sports Castle.IMG_20180218_195621 (1)
  4. The events organizers did a bang up job in making evident blockchain’s social, political, and cultural implications. There were panels on developing blockchain for social impact, talks of diversity, and experts speaking to the ideological aspects of decentralization. The technology’s far-reaching effects were on display for anyone that came to learn.28165217_1503173006402681_4254979078342412608_o
  5. Finally, the hackathon demonstrated that the space is in need of a host of talents and skills, not simply technical prowess. The event was not attended by developers only; we had musicians, poets, former wall street types, teachers, and a bevy of personalities that all bring unique approaches to how they see the technology panning out, which is my charge to you: there is room for everyone to get involved in buidling a decentralized future. We’ll see you next year at ETHDenver 2019.

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