New Spaces, New Ideas, New Connections: Decentralize Colorado May Roundup

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Ground was broken and new spaces were tested last Monday night at the third iteration of the Decentralize Colorado blockchain community lightning talks. The community delivered an informative and entertaining array of new ideas at Grid Collaborative in Denver. We had the privilege of being their first-ever event at the venue; it’s truly one of the more unique spaces in the area and we’re proud to have been a part of the maiden voyage, thanks to a generous sponsorship from KJ Technical.

Here’s a recap:

The first talk of the night was from Hunt Frye from Discon, which is an upcoming blockchain, cryptocurrency, and digital assets conference to be held in Boulder, Colorado on August 3–4th, 2018 at the Boulder Theater and and eTown Hall. Different speakers, workshops, and local cultural events will be presented. The conference will be coin agnostic, open to all, and technology focused. It will be a great opportunity for people to meet and for connections to grow in the space. Check out Hunt’s video presentation and follow @dison303 on twitter.

Next up, Brandon Hughes from EOS Denver Meetup gave an overview of EOS and details on why he’s excited about the upcoming EOS crypto platform. Brandon’s “trust but verify” approach is refreshing. He touched on the strengths of the EOS founders and explained how EOS might lead the race to a third wave of scalable blockchain technology. Use cases for EOS were presented and its interoperability with other chains were explored. Check out Brandon’s video presentation and connect with him on twitter at @EOSDenver.

Steven Noi of Angel Battles, a collectible crypto game, followed next in the line up. He gave the viewers information on how they can most easily play by installing the TrustWallet app and then loading the Angel Battles DApp through it. Angel Battles a game similar to Magic, the Gathering and is based on the non-fungible ERC-721 Ethereum standard. We’re excited to see where this project goes as they release Battle Boards, a chess inspired version. To learn more check out @EthAngelBattles on twitter. Don’t miss Steven’s video presentation.

Lilith, one of the SOLD OUT characters in Angel Battles, the Collectable Crypto Game.

Brennie Pellegrini, a student at CU Boulder presented his winning entry from the Colorado Blockchain Summit This promising project seeks to mine social media data in order to illuminate crypto market trends and eliminate noise. Similar existing projects are explored as well as a look at individual social media coin price influencers. Dive deeper into Brennie’s slides and video presentation. Excellent work!

This prophetic and somewhat alarming quote comes from Mickey San Miguel’s presentation on an Introduction to Cryptoeconomics…

“Blockchains give us programmable money. When you have programmable money, you can program incentives, and when you can program incentives you can program people.” — Mike Goldin

In the near future, where the population is programmed by crypto-incentivization, will the powers-that-be wield their crypto enhanced economic influence deftly and for the common good? These and other deep questions are explored in Mickey’s video presentation. Great stuff. Connect with him on twitter @Msanmiguel16.

Last but not least, Will Carter presented on Blockchain enabled mesh networks, game changer or holy grail? A definition of the idea of Proof of Location was provided, along with use cases for the protocol. Will explored some of the leading projects in the space, highlighting differences, similarities, and challenges they face. Check out Will’s video presentation and connect with him on twitter at @zippyferguson.

Check out the full recording of the live stream and other recent Colorado Blockchain content on our Youtube channel, our and on the Colorado Blockchain’s

As always, if YOU have a burning crypto related idea or project that you would like to share with the community, please contact us about presenting at an upcoming meetup. One of the main goals of Decentralize Colorado is to be platform independent and open to ideas from all perspectives of the blockchain space. Join us at the next meetup and tell us about the aspect of blockchain that has your attention, in ten minutes or less. Connect with us on Twitter at @decentralizeco or feel free to reach out to either Will or Trevor.

Don’t forget to check out the next Decentralize Colorado meetup (Monday, June 18th) for the next round of lightning talks.


… to all the presenters! Please follow them and learn more!
… to everyone that attended!
… and CONGRATS to 
@GridWorkSpaces for the excellent new space!
… to 
@KJTechnical (Trevor and Nick) for hosting, refreshments and support!
…to friends at the 
Boulder Blockchain Meetup, the Denver Bitcoin and Crypto Meetup, the EOS Denver Meetup and the Denver CryptoParty Meetup
Dan D.Dan S., Marina (great pics!), TrevorDuke for your extra help, flexibility and energy!
@optictopic for the amazing artwork!

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